Working @HECC

Working @HECC means working in an international environment. Fast, dynamic, demanding and enjoyable! @HECC we have colleagues from all over the world, who we have helped with settling in. Many of them have moved on into new roles, and took the opportunities we offered them to develop further. Training is part of the daily practice and we expect people to develop. To achieve a better fit with personal life we @HECC encourage people in many projects to work from home and/or part-time.


Would you like to know more about your new colleagues? Allow us to introduce three of them to you: Dyane, Vaidas and Andreas. Dyane as product specialist for our Lensvelt Medical team. Vaidas as product specialist for our Lenovo/Iomega support team and Andreas who looks after training and quality. Do you know people who want to live in the Netherlands and are looking for a job? We @HECC are keen to look at the possibilities to work @HECC!


Day in, day out you will come in contact with new people. And for everyone you will create a solution!



We @HECC work for international customers with markets across the globe. The customers of our customers are supported in their local language,  which means that we @HECC have people who speak those languages. People come to work @HECC from many countries across the world. This means we have many nationalities, cultures and customs @HECC. An interesting environment! All our staff have the service-minded ‘HECC-drive’ in common: putting our clients’ customers first! Does this sound good to you? Please check our job vacancies.


Technical support engineer, product specialist, quality assurance representative and currently trainer/coach.  I invite my friends to come and join HECC.


Getting Settled

Are you keen to move or emigrate to the Netherlands? We @HECC will not only find you a job, but also provide all  the support you might need to settle in. Our HR department will help you to find accommodation, open a bank account,  take out health insurance, and so on. Your new colleagues will help you you to find your way around!



Keep up, learn new things. There is always a way to improve!



We @HECC need people with ambition, and we offer many opportunities for personal development. We shall train you to do your job, and we shall provide you with many opportunities to learn and to grow @HECC. But it is up to you to take these opportunities and advance your career. Many people have already developed, and obtained jobs as product specialist or teamleader, or moved to other departments such as Training or ICT. We shall constantly coach you in our team meetings, and give you feedback in regularly held assessment interviews.