SSL VPN instructions

Download SSL VPN Software

Please download the SSL VPN software from below and run the file after download.

Windows 2000 / XP / 7 / 8 (right click and select safe file as..)
Windows 10 (right click and select safe file as..)

Please follow now the instructions on your screen until you have finished the installation.
On complete installation, the CrSSL Client icon  appears in the system tray.

Download SSL VPN Settings

As of 23.04.2018 a new Settings file needs to be used. Please download it here:

Settings file (right click and select safe file as..)

Right-click the Client icon  and click Import.
Import the SSL VPN configuration downloaded from above.

Enabling VPN connection

Right-click the Client icon  and click Login.
For username please use your NT Username and as Password your NT Password and click on login.



I have followed the manual and still it does not work

Check if you have normal internet access and if you can go to the website
Do you have VPN access (this has to be enabled for your account by the ICT department)?
Double-check all settings (including the additional settings)


If you receive an error message stating “An error occurred while installing the TAP-Win32 device driver. tapinstall install returned:2 ” during the installation please download below installer of the client and try it again.

Windows 10 TAP-Win32 installer