Since we have switched vendors of our antivirus client, we will need to replace all antivirus currently in use in the test network as well. The new antivirus client is Bitdefender and part of a network management package called N-able. Going forward both applications need to be installed and active on each test PC. The combination of the applications will allow us to monitor the antivirus client and remotely trigger updates and scans when needed, for this reason it is important both are installed.

When does this need to happen?
Since this is important to our security this measure is time sensitive and needs to be completed this week (36: 05-09-2016 / 09-09-2016) If for any reason you are not able to complete this, please let me know via email Before Wednesday 07-09-2016.

So what do we need for you?
Everyone that is equipped with a test PC will need to take the following steps:

  1. Rename the computer the match the computer name on the sticker provided
    a. The last 4 letters should match your initials
  2. Setup a local administrative account on the test PC that HECC ICT will be able to access.
    a. The account username should be : As on sticker
    b. The account password should be : As on sticker
    c. The account should be a computer administrator (part of the local administrator group)
  3. Go to our custom information page: www.hecc.com/testpc here you will find this information as well.
    a. Do not install the software until after you have properly named your PC (see 1.)!
    b. Download and install the N-Able client by clicking : HERE
    c. Download and install the Bitdefender client by clicking : 64bit / 32bit (use the version that matches your OS)
  4. Inform ICT that you have completed the setup so that we can activate the corporate license for the software.
    a. Send an email to ict@hecc.com and include your test PC name (from the sticker) in the subject line

What about “shared” test PC’s in the test lab?
These fall under the responsibility of the Product specialists. They can request custom stickers for these PC’s and will need to install the software as they have done on their personal test PC.

Anything else?
Please be advised that test PC’s should never have any unlicensed software installed on them, and are not to be used for non-work related (illegal) activities like downloading, file sharing etc.
All these security applications are only here to assist you in keeping us safe from viruses and malware, use common sense and your best judgement when dealing with the internet.

The sticker:
This is an example, you will be provided with the real deal during the day today.


What if I need help?
If you need help please first check your immediate colleagues and consult the all-knowing search engines. Should you still require assistance email ict@hecc.com (Please include your test PC name (from the sticker) in the subject line) .